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Go Green with supercritical carbon dioxide

Go Green with supercritical carbon dioxide 

A green solvent is one that has low toxicity, easy recyclability, easy removal from the product and low reactivity.
Supercritical carbon dioxide one of the promising green solvents are used now-a-days, it is used for procurement of the nature and help to diminish  the influence of global warming.

Know about  supercritical fluid ?

A supercritical fluid is any substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point, where distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist.
Supercritical fluid are suitable as a substitute for organic solvents in a range of industrial and laboratory processes.Carbon dioxide usually behaves as a gas in air at standard temperature and pressure (STP), or as a solid called dry ice when frozen. If the temperature and pressure are both increased from STP to be at or above the critical point for carbon dioxide, it can adopt properties midway between a gas and a liquid. More specifically, it behaves as a supercritical flui…

Do you know about Clinical Trial

A Clinical Trial is a research study that tests a new medical treatment or a new way of using an existing treatment to see if it will be a better way to prevent and screen for diagnose or treat a disease. For any new drug to enter in clinical trial, it must pass preclinical studies. Preclinical studies involve test-tube or Laboratory studies and trials on animal populations. Wide range of dosages of the study drug is given to animal subjects or to an in-vitro substrate in order to obtain preliminary efficacy, toxicity and pharmacokinetic information. Carefully conducted clinical trials are fastest and safest way to find treatment that work in people and way to improve health and determine whether experimental treatment or new ways of using known therapies are safe and effective under controlled environment. Observational trials address health issues in large groups of people or population in natural settings. 
Clinical trials divided into 4 Phases
Phase I Phase I trials are the first…

Do you know the Need of SWOT analysis

Need of SWOT analysis

Life is a very big platform, where we get large amount of opportunity. Everyone wants to convert this opportunity into success but all peoples are not eligible to convert this opportunity into success. Before starting of any work or project, we should know about our Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT). SWOT analysis provides various benefits to understand the process of handling of our work. With the help of SWOT analysis, we can enhance our strength and also suppress the weakness. Weakness can also change into our strength if we know our weakness before starting of any particular work. Same with strength, if we know our strength, we enhance and use in proper direction to become success.
SWOT analysis works in each and every aspects of life. It provides better coordination between work and its way. Without SWOT, works will not go in proper direction.
It’s my personal experience as I had a project in which I faced a lot of problem then someone sugge…

Do you have knowledge about antibiotics?

Do you have knowledge about antibiotics?
Antibiotics!!!!!!!!! Perhaps everyone used antibiotics in any time of his/her life. But do you actually know what the Antibiotics are and how it works in our body to kill the harmful microorganisms.
In the strictest sense, antibiotics are antibacterial substances produced by various species of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes) that suppress the growth of other microorganisms.
It is also known as antimicrobials. Antimicrobial agents are among the most commonly used and misused of all drugs.
Antibiotics has also problem for its use. The major problem threatening the continued success of antimicrobial drugs is the development of resistant organisms. Microorganisms can adapt to environmental pressures in a variety of effective ways, and their response to antibiotic pressure is no exception.
Antibiotics generally working by inhibiting the cell wall synthesis, protein synthesis inhibition, misreading of genetic materials and many mo…

Magic of Aloe vera

Magic of Aloe vera

 Plant extracts represent a continuous effort to find new compound against pathogens. Approximately 20% of the plants found in the world have been submitted to phar- macological or biological test, and a substantial number of new antibiotics introduced on the market are obtained from natural or semi synthetic resources. The plant Aloe vera is used in Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and Allopathic streams of medicine, and not only tribal com-munity but also most of the people for food and medicine. The plant leaves contains numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugars and other bioactive compounds with emollient, purgative, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac, antihelmenthic, antifungal, antiseptic and cosmetic values for health care. This plant has potential to cure sunburns, burns and minor cuts, and even skin cancer. The external use in cosmetic primarily acts as skin healer and prevents injury of epithelial tissues, cures acne…

What is biomaterial?

What is biomaterial? The field of biomaterial science is widely important. Firstly we should know what are biomaterials? During the last two decades, significant advances have been made in the development of biocompatible and biodegradable materials for medical applications. In the biomedical field, the goal is to develop and characterize artificial materials or, in other words, “spare parts” for use in the human body to MEASURE, RESTORE and IMPROVE physical functions and enhance survival and quality of life. Biomaterials are used to make devices to replace a part or a function of the body in safe, reliably economically, and physiologically acceptable manner. A variety of devices and materials are used in the treatment of disease or injury. Commonplace examples include suture needles, plates, teeth fillings, etc. In another words, a synthetic material used to make devices to replace part of a living system or to function in intimate contact with living tissue.
There are various bioma…

Love to your heart

Love to your heart3

I think every human loves someone in his/her life. Someone is special for human. Love is the great feeling of the world. But we should also love to our body, our health, our heart.
In this modern life, we ignore our health and love someone else. Sorry it just a joke but we have to love our heart. If we ignore the health of our heart than it might be possible we will face a large amount of problem that may cause of death.
A number of common risk factors are recognized as increasing the likelihood of individuals developing atherosclerosis.  There are three broad groups. Fixed risk factors are by definition un-modifiable, but are taken into account in advising people about their overall risk: Age Gender Family history/genetic factors. Lifestyle/behavioral risk factors reflect an individual’s circumstances and choices, and can be changed for the better to reduce personal risk: Smoking Physical inactivity Poor diet Obesity Harmful use of alcohol ‘Bodily’ risk factors r…

What is Viral Marketing ,How Viral Marketing works

The advent of social media has led to the increased usage of a word – VIRAL! People, agencies, companies… everyone wants their articles, photos, videos, advertisements, posts, apps, products and what have you to go viral i.e. be shared hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of times. Most entities try to achieve this by pleading with those in their online networks to share what they’ve uploaded. Do they succeed? Baaaahhh. But some folks do… without much effort. Why? And how?
Scott Stratten has explained the concept of viral content beautifully. In this post, I will repeat what he explains for the benefit of those who haven’t heard it.
When a product (or app or song) is launched, or when content (photo, infographic, video, etc.) is created, people who share it are often from the first circle. They’re either someone from the team which created it, or are people who want to appear in the boss’ good books. These are people directly associated with the product or campaign. When they shar…


If you’ve ever built a house or know how a house is built, you will know you need bricks and cement and you will also need some chemicals in the cement to make sure it’s a good, solid house. 
The body is no different. Nutrition provides the bricks, mortar and other chemicals – like vitamins and minerals – to build a solid, healthy body. 
The essential building blocks of the body are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So you need a healthy diet with a good balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. There are very examples in which patients get benefit in cancer and now living happy. 

Every disease can be managed by food but how??

It is hard to understand but some facts shows that can manage the cancer. Food can help you kill the cancer cells. Food can help you create or eliminate the inflammation that goes along with cancer.  Food can help you boost the immune system to help you fight the disease.  Food can help you keep the body clean by supportin…


As you have seen label of various medicinal products. In label of medicinal products, medicine has initial like I.P., B.P., USP. after its name. I think various people don’t know the meaning of this kind of initial. I want to elaborate that I.P means Indian Pharmacopoeia, B.P. means British Pharmacopoeia and USP means United States Pharmacopoeia.

Now you are thinking, what is pharmacopoeia?
Regularly updated information on drugs in book form. Pharmacopoeia is a standard book of every country. It contain description of chemical structure, molecular weight, physical and chemical characteristics, solubility, identification and assay methods, standards of purity, storage conditions and dosage forms of officially approved drugs in a country. They are useful to drug manufacturers and regulatory authorities, but not to doctors, most of whom never see a pharmacopoeia. Pharmacopoeia published by government of country and i…

Medicine for drug-resistant TB launched- Bedaquiline

On the eve of World Tuberculosis Day, Health Minister J.P. Nadda launched Bedaquiline — new drug for Drug Resistant TB — as part of the national programme. The drug will be introduced in 104 districts across five States. Speaking at a press briefing, Mr. Nadda said the “process of fighting TB is continuous. Hence there can be no dilution and no diversion. Our attention needs to be steadfast and aggressive.” The programme would not suffer on account of budgetary allocation. The new class of drug is a diarylquinoline that specifically targets Mycobacterial ATP synthase, an enzyme essential for the supply of energy to Mycobacterium tuberculosis and most other mycobacteria. Bedaquiline is being introduced at six tertiary care centres across India. These sites have advanced facilities for laboratory testing and intensive care for patients. Bedaquiline will be given to multi-drug resistant TB patients with resistance to either all fluoroquinolone and/or all second line injectables and exte…

The Lost Relationship

Happiness is our birth right since constitutionally we are all eternal and individual spirit souls, parts and parcels of God, full of knowledge and bliss. Still we see so few people happy. Everyone is looking for happiness that is permanent, ever increasing, shared with loved ones and full of variety. And what stops us from achieving such happiness? PROBLEMS!

The type of happiness that people are experiencing at the moment is relative happiness because they are busy solving only the relative problems which keep changing with time, place and circumstance. Hence, the happiness keeps eluding us.

It doesn't stay with us forever. If we want real happiness, we have to solve the real problems which are seven in number as per the scriptures- 1) Birth 2) Old Age 3) Disease 4) Death and Miseries caused by the 5) mind and body 6) by other living entities and 7) by natural disasters.

Unless we strive to put an end to these real miseries, we cannot expect real and permanent happiness. The roo…

Want to change the world? begin with yourself

It is like those people in despair who tell you, "Why is the world so frightful?" What is the use of lamenting, since it is like that? The only thing you can do is to work to change it. Naturally, from a speculative point of view one may try to understand, but the human mind is incapable of understanding such things.

For the moment it is quite useless.

What is useful is to change it. We all agree that the world is detestable, that it is not what it ought to be, and the only thing we have to do is to work to make it otherwise. Consequently, our whole preoccupation should be to find the best means of making it different; and we can understand one thing, it is that the best means (though we do not know it quite well yet), is we ourselves, isn't it?

And surely you know yourself better than you know your neighbour- you understand better the consciousness manifested in a human being than that manifested in the stars, for instance. So, after a little hesitation you could say, …

10 Things You Didn’t Know About William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s father held a lot of different jobs, and at one point got paid to drink beer.

The son of a tenant farmer, John Shakespeare was nothing if not upwardly mobile. He arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1551 and began dabbling in various trades, selling leather goods, wool, malt and corn. In 1556 he was appointed the borough’s official “ale taster,” meaning he was responsible for inspecting bread and malt liquors. The next year he took another big step up the social ladder by marrying Mary Arden, the daughter of an aristocratic farmer who happened to be his father’s former boss. John later became a moneylender and held a series of municipal positions, serving for some time as the mayor of Stratford. In the 1570s he fell into debt and ran into legal problems for reasons that remain unclear.

Shakespeare married an older woman who was three months pregnant at the time.

In November 1582, 18-year-old William wed Anne Hathaway, a farmer’s daughter eight years his senior. Instead of …

21 Essential Free Blogging Tools - Twittindia blog

21 Free Blogging Tools
Yes, there are other blogging platforms
and some of them may be easier for new
computer users and non-techies to use.
But none of them is better than
WordPress. While WordPress may be
slightly harder to get started with
because it offers more options, it’s well
worth the time investment. WordPress is
still easy to use, yet powerful enough
that it can adapt to do anything you want
with your blog in the future.
Like many other bloggers I started with
Blogspot and then changed to
WordPress. Switching blogging platforms
is a pain in the bum and will lose you
readers so the quicker you change to
WordPress the better.
If you haven’t started blogging yet then
choose WordPress as your blogging
platform from day one. You’ll thank me
for it. If you already use WordPress then
congratulations – you should be set for
I have many email addresses which all
automatically send to my Gmail email
account. That way I can check all my
emails from anywher…

About Human Body


Do you Know the Chemical Formula of Ghee


Tuberculosis Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors

Tuberculosis Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors

What Are the Symptoms of TB? A person with TB infection will have no symptoms. A person with active TB disease may have any or all of the following symptoms: •A persistent cough•Constant fatigue•Weight loss•Loss of appetite•Fever•Coughing up blood•Night sweats These symptoms can also occur with other diseases so it is important to see a healthcare provider and to let them find out if you have TB. A person with TB disease may feel perfectly healthy or may only have a cough from time to time. If you think you have been exposed to TB, get a TB test. What Causes TB Tuberculosis is an infection caused by bacteria. It's spread through the air—when an infected person coughs, sneezes, laughs, etc. However, it is not easy to become infected with tuberculosis. Usually a person has to be close to someone with TB disease for a long period of time. TB is usually spread between family members, close friends, and people who work or live together. T…

Do you know about Medicated chewing gum?

Do you know about Medicated chewing gum?

The first medicated chewing gum was introduced in the USA in 1924. These are solid, single dose preparations with a base consisting mainly of gums that are intended to be chewed but not swallowed. They contain one or more active substances which are released by chewing. Chewing Gum (CG) has proven value as a delivery vehicle for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. In recent years, chewing gums are considered to be friendly oral mucosal drug delivery systems. Chewing gum has been used for delivering the active drug (such as nicotine for smoking cessation therapy).

Medicated chewing gums has various advantages like-
Chewing gum can be used without water, at any time, and everywhere.
Incorporated therapeutic agents are protected from oxygen, light, and water.
Product stability is good.
Chewing gum can produce both local effects and systemic effects.
Fewer side effects
Effect on dry mouth
Pleasant taste

A Chewing gum base consis…



Environmental issues in the past were considered as part of the economic system and the rapid exploitation of natural resources. It took many years to consider the established ways that materials were used (feedstocks), the initial design of chemical processes, the hazardous properties of products, the energy consumption and other parameters involved in the manufacture of products (life cycle, recycling, etc).
Green Chemistry was for many years a relatively abstract idea with no basic principles and definitions of practical applications. Now, the term Green Chemistry has been defined as “the invention, design and application of chemical products and processes to reduce or to eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances for workers and consumers”.
The definition of Green Chemistry starts with the concept of invention and design. This means we, scientists and technologists, must take into account from the start what we are looking fo…



Pharmacy is a well-respected profession in field of science and a desire to apply their knowledge of drug therapies to health care in a variety of settings.

Pharmacists are the "DRUG EXPERTS" among health care professionals. They understand how a drug heals and how it can hurt, how it reacts with foods and other drugs. They know its desired effects and its side effects.

Career options after completing B Pharm or M Pharm

1. Teaching - B Pharm first Class students are eligible to teach as lecturers in the D Pharm programme, where as M Pharm, first Class students can get a lecturer’s job in pharmacy degree colleges. It takes about 5 years to reach the grade of Sr. lecturer and about 10 years to become Assistant Professor and about 12 years to become Professor or a Principal of a college. While in teaching profession they can do research in pharmaceutical field and strive to become a well-known Research Scientist.

2. Pharmacist – Being in the health-r…


Realted to Health......

घरेलू नुस्खे ...

जब बाल झड़ रहे हों

1. नीम का पेस्ट सिर में कुछ देर लगाए रखें। फिर बाल धो लें। बाल झड़ना बंद हो जाएगा।

2. बेसन मिला दूध या दही के घोल से बालों को धोएं। फायदा होगा।

3. दस मिनट का कच्चे पपीता का पेस्ट सिर में लगाएं। बाल नहीं झड़ेंगे और डेंड्रफ (रूसी) भी नहीं होगी।

कफ और सर्दी जुकाम में

सर्दी जुकाम, कफ आए दिन की समस्या है। आप ये घरेलू उपाय आजमाकर इनसे बचे रह सकते हैं।

1. नाक बह रही हो तो काली मिर्च, अदरक, तुलसी को शहद में मिलाकर दिन में तीन बार लें। नाक बहना रुक जाएगा।

2. गले में खराश या ड्राई कफ होने पर अदरक के पेस्ट में गुड़ और घी मिलाकर खाएं। आराम मिलेगा।

3. नहाते समय शरीर पर नमक रगड़ने से भी जुकाम या नाक बहना बंद हो जाता है।

4. तुलसी के साथ शहद हर दो घंटे में खाएं। कफ से छुटकारा मिलेगा।

शरीर, सांस की दुर्गध में

यह परेशानी भी आम है। कई बार तो हमें इसका भारी खामियाजा भुगतना पड़ जाता है।

1. नहाने से पहले शरीर पर बेसन और दही का पेस्ट लगाएं। इससे त्वचा साफ हो जाती है और बंद रोम छिद्र भी खुल जाते हैं।

2. गाजर का जूस रोज पिएं। तन की दुर्गध दूर भगाने …

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